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Saturday, 9 February 2013

who Gets Recommended or not Recommended from issb


The recommendation  inter service selection board (issb) is one of the most important desire of each applicant  ,for the completion of this desire .Today , I am going to share some major and golden  points   ,usually on the basis of these  points a candidate is selected or rejected from issb .I hope you will judge yourself ‘s qualities   with respect  to these points ,before going to issb selection center .
Who Gets Recommended From issb.

  • Highly motivated to join Pakistan defence forces.
  • Self confidence and free from shyness.
  • Full of initiative.
  • Hardworking and active in life.
  • Cooperative and very friendly toward others.
  • Mantely alert.
  • Responsible in their behavior.
  • Goal oriented with high sense of achievement.
  • Face difficulties with smiling face.
  • Remain cool and composed.
  • Have good academic and general knowledge.
  • Remain happy and smiling.
  • Mature and sensible.
  • Can think differently.
  • Truthful and Men of character
  • Can impress other with his performance.
Who Gets Not Recommended From issb.

  • Job seekers and materialistic.
  • Loose character.
  • Have no motivation to join Pakistan defence forces.
  • Under confident and shy to perform
  • Afraid to come up in any situation.
  • Do not take any pain.
  • Non cooperative and selfish
  • Absent minded and slow mover
  • Casual and carefree with ease loving approach in life
  • Time wasters.
  • Get nervous and confuse in stressful condition or situation.
  • Becomes hasty and panicky when under pressure
  • Poor academic, general knowledge and unaware of surrounding world .
  • Easily get depressed and unduly worried.
  • Show immature and non serious behavior.
  • Gets blocked and unable to find their way out .
  • Looser character.