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Saturday, 26 January 2013

issb obstacles complete explanation

Issb Obstacles in Urdu


Assalam-u- Alaikum friends once again I welcome you through the plate form of issbencyclopedia , I hope you will  fine .Today I am going to discuss another topic of issb called ( IO )stands for individual obstacles .IO is an individual outdoor task. The main agenda of this task is to check the courage, stamina and effective intelligence of a candidate. Usually this task is done in open circular ground having 9 different obstacles placed randomly while the candidate is stand in a small circular area where he start the task ,there is no specific starting and finishing line for this task, it is totally depend on the candidate how and from which side  he start  this task. Each obstacle has its own point which is given to candidate  , when a obstacle is perfectly done.

How To Get Bonus Points

Yes you can get bonus point ,if  you complete all the obstacles before 2 min then in remaining time select an easy and nearest obstacle repeat it until the time has no finish ,as a result with respect to your number of repetition of obstacle  you will get  bonus points .
Golden Tips

  • Listen the briefing deep concentration.
  • Avoid fast running (shot running) when you start this task.
  • When you did foul try again and again  , don’t loss your confidence and courage.
  • Avoid to attempt first high mark obstacles.
List Of Obstacles

  • High jump
  • Ditch
  • Boxing ring
  • Hang man
  • Jump over Plank
  • Zig Zag
  • Tarzan Swing
  • Monkey Bridge
  • Crossing  through tire
Issb Obstacles complete video

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