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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Issb Interview Preparation Tips Donot Miss To Read


Interview at issb means the conversation between a candidate and interviewing officer. The main agenda of interview taken in issb is to assess the hidden qualities of candidate for example leadership etc  face to face .Today, I am going to share some importants tips about the issb final interview .I hope these tips will help you candidates during interview at issb selection board.

Tips For Issb Final Interview

  • Completely Believe and Trust to your God.
  • Follow the dress code for interview.
  • Due to anxiety sweat flow from human body, use handkerchief or tissue paper to remove sweat from hands.
  • When you enter in the room for interview close the door in such a manner that the direction of your face and door should not same, Close the door with the help of one hand behind your loin.
  • When you enter in the room do not try to see pictures hanged on walls
  • Answer to each question in natural way. Use Urdu instead of English during interview.
  • If you want to make your interview well, do not show lie, tactful, cunning.
  • If you are unable to give answer say NO/YES instead of extra words for example sorry sir, can you repeat the question.
  • If you are unable to give answer of question don’t worry at that moment just maintain your confidence level.
  • During the interview first understand the question the give the answer.
  • During the interview do not blame government and official of government.
Tips For Issb Final Interview In Urdu

Expected Interview Questions For Issb Part 2

Questions Related to your self analysis , emotions And Feelings,

  • You ever tell a lie ?
  • When and where you tell a lie?
  • If I give you 100000 what you will do with this amount?
  • If we do not recommend you what will you next step?
  • If we recommend you and we transfer you in other defence force you agreed or not?
  • How many marriages you father done?
  • You are smoker or not ?

Questions Related to Sex

  •     What is BP?
  • Have you ever seen BP ?
  • How many times you saw BP?
  • Your face show you saw BP 5000000 time?
  • Where you saw BP first time?
  • Why you saw BP?
  • After seeing you liked BP or not?
  • After seeing Bp what you did?
  • What is HP?
  • Have you done HP ever?
  • Why you did HP?
  • Have you any boy or girl friend?
  • How many girl friend you have?
  • Which type of girl you like?
  • Did you kiss sex or touch with your girlfriend?
  • Which type of thing you like in your girl friend?
  • What is DAT?
  • Have you ever gone on DAT?
  • When and Where you gone?
  • If I asked you to give your girl friend for one night what will be your reaction?
  • How you done or complete your sexual urges ?
  • What thing girls wear under kameez?
  • If your sister went to supermarket with a stranger boy what you will do?
  • If a girl put off his clothes what you will do?
  • If i married with your sister?
  • If your sister slept on bed without cloths what you will do?

Academic Questions


  • How many alphabets present in English.
  • Parts of speech
  • Homophones                                                     
  • Vowels
  • Translate in to English
  • Wo aap ki kiya legta hai
  • Ye road kaha jati hai
  • Woh Zaroor Yahan Ahna Chahta hah
  • Jiski Lathi uski Bhens
  • woh tumhara kia lagta hah,
  • mai ne us se aek letter likhwaya,
  • kal raat se bht taez Barish horahe hah
  • Jiski Lathi uski Bhens
  • Woh Zaroor Yahan Ahna Chahta hah

Define the following ?

viscosity and factors effect on viscosity what is the relation b/w viscosity and temperature  ,covalent bound  ,Boyle ‘s law ,Charles law hydrolysis ,density ,Avogadro number ,isotopes, internal energy, Pascal law, enthalpy, bound energy, ionic bound ,isotopes of carbon ,boiling point,Avogadro law  


Ammonium nitrate –NH4NO3
Define the following ?

Force ,adiabatic process,all three laws  of Newton,bulk modules ,isothermal process,ohm ‘s law ,columns law,transverse wave ,gausses law ,friction ,resistance ,photoelectric effect,what is speed of light and sound in vacuum and without vacuum ,escape velocity, isochoric process , Critical angel ,laminar flow, projectile motion ,trajectory of projectile, inertia  ,null vector, artificial gravity ,Doppler effect
Questions Related To Islamic Information

  • What are the duties of angels
  •  Kiraaman Katibin,Jibreel, Israfeel, Mikail, Munkar  Nakeer, Malak Am-Maut.?
  • Biggest Surah Of Quran name is ?
  • Shortest Surah Of Quran name as?
  • Total rukus, Sajde ,in Quran  etc?
  • Which Prophet Is Said to Be "Abu-al Bashar"?
  • Total rukus, Sajde in Quran?
  • Biggest Surah of Quran?
  • Shortest Surah of Quran?
  • Total no of Ghazwat is 27?
  • Total no of massagers send by GOD ?.
  • The name of surah has no بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.Is surah toba.
  • The name of surah has two times  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.Is surah naml
  • Difference between the namaz of eid and namaz of juma,
  • First hajj is performed by Hazrat Abu Bakr (Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafa)( رضی اللہ تعالٰی عنہ)
  • What is Ashra Mubashra?
  •  Namaz-e-janaza is a fer z-e-kafaya.
  • List the faraiz of wazoo , gussel and namaz?
  • Remember dua  Dua Qunoot ,six kalmaz?
  • There are 14 sejjdas in Quran
  • Umar e Sani is called by Hazrat umer bin abdull kathab .
  •  Check the Islamic dates Ghazwa e badar ,Ghazwa e uhud ,Ghazwa e khandaq ,Ghazwa e Khyber ,Ghazwa e  HUNAIN,Ghazwa e Tabook fought in which hijri year?
  • Fatah Makkah was done on 8 hijri?