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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Free Download Hilal magazine edition February 2013 in Urdu

Hilal magazine is one of the most popular Magazine, having a lot of knowledge related to Pakistan armed forces. Most of the officers and soldiers/sailors of Pakistan armed forces and people of Pakistan like this magazine because this magazine show the day by day efficiency ,achievements and aims/goals of Pakistan army ,navy and air force  to the Nation.
In the edition of February 2013 owners of this magazine published more interesting and knowledge base articles  ,I hope you will like these articles  the contents of this magazine are given below.
Serious Notes

  • Pakistan‘s Misnomers
  • Loc violation and provocative behavior
  • The seventh East Asia Summit
  • US draw down from Afghanistan
  • Pakistan by year 2030
  • Pakistan relationship with South Korea
  • Contribution of frontier crops in Baluchistan
  • South Waziristan -Road TO prosperity
  • Food and thoughts:
  • Securing values and ideological border
Economic Profile:
  • Is the Euro zone economic crisis-over
Sports Corner
  • Pakistan cricket: ambitious and ambitiousness  and so on.....
Download Magazine in Urdu
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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Download free Hilal Magazine in Urdu and English Edition January 2013

Table of Contents

  • The siachen region   by (brain cloughley)
  • Never forget East Pakistan tragedy by Rasul Bakhsh Rais
  • Waking up in Waziristan by Jennefer Mackay
  • a change in Chinese leadership by Dr Tughral Yamin
  • Pakistan –India relation (a way forward) by Usman Saeed
  • Pakistan significant role in post 2014 Afghanistan Syed Mazzam Hashmi
  • Dynamics of Sir Creek issue


  • Growing fear for rice in food price Dr Zafar Mahmood


  • Price of peace   by Capt Ali Tajdar


  • A trip down the memory lane by Maj Gen Muhammad Khalid

Health watch

  • Happiness: few myths and truths


  • Happy Christmas by the Rt Rev Irfan Jamil (Bishop Of Lahore)
  • Sought by Col Khalid Baig
  • Memorabilia


  • Even if we by Lt Aizaz Khalid           
  • Hope by Zirwah Yousaf
  • My son shall live forever

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