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issb WAT Test preparation in urdu




WAT Test  is include in screen out tests .In ISSB for checking the hide personality of a candidate there are a lot of tests are done at issb selection center but the WAT is one of the unique type of personality checker test. Due to this test a psychologist check and observe the good and perfect personality related abilities such as behavior, motivation, cognition and attention etc of a candidate .
 What  to do in WAT Test
In this test 90+ words are shown on the projector in the response a candidate makes simple, concise   and positive sentences of these words, only 12-15 seconds are given for the completion of each sentence. 
Nature of words
The words shown on the projector are the collection of positive and negative words so a candidate needs to make the sentences in such the manner that each sentence showed the impression of positivity.
Examples of Words
Positive words: love, intelligence, happy and student etc
Negative words: sex, evil, attack, etc
Live View Of WAT Test
Golden Tips

  • Make each sentence in present tense.
  • Your hand writing must neat and clean.
  • Always make simple, concise and positive sentence.
  • Do not left uncompleted sentence, otherwise it will show that you are not confident for your thoughts
  • Avoid to use imperative sentences.
  • Avoid to use may be, soon, could, should and would like words.
  • Avoid to use idioms, proverbs and quotes etc.

Note: if you want to practice WAT test go to blogger tab ,click on Download material and download WAT practice test.

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